Weight loss

Combining the Hypopressive Method with functional training and positive nutrition will aid in weight loss and a sculptured body.

Better sex

The Hypopressive Method strengthens and tones the pelvic floor and improves the vascular system. This improves your sexual functionality – the ability to confidently reach climax and at an intensified state.

Better posture

The Hypopressive Method will normalise your posture through the elongation of your spine and the mobilisation of your diaphragm. Alignment issues in your hips, spine, shoulders, and neck will become normalised.

Explosive strength

The Hypopressive Method improves your oxygen intake and your ability to repair tissues at a cellular level. This aids in your explosive strength and anaerobic capacity for the improvement of sports performance.


The Hypopressive Method considers the whole nervous system, the emotional state, as well as your nutrition. Your emotional wellbeing is improved through the balancing of your nervous systems through the Hypopressive Method.

Fab abs

The Hypopressive Method will reduce your waist size and tone the abdominal wall muscles. Traditional methods of ab training only work 4% of your exterior muscle fibres whereas the Hypopressive Method will use a full 80% of the entire abdominal group, resulting in an involuntary tone of the muscles, even at rest!

Reduces incontinence and prolapses

In both genders, incontinence and prolapses affect 50% of us. The Hypopressive Method will improve the resting tone of the pelvic floor and manage intra-abdominal pressure so that your daily function is improved.

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